You are a Collabox customer and have a question or need help? Here is the new procedure to follow to communicate with us. Please follow these steps to ensure a quick and efficient follow-up from our team.

To optimize the efficiency of the requests, the “super-user” is the only person who can communicate with us. The super-user is the person dedicated to Collabox selected by your company.


1- Send an email to the project manager at Collabox

2- For an emergency, use the following email address:

Project manager’s phone number

Give preference to communication by telephone. SMS is not a way to notify us of a problem or request.

Content of an application

Here is the content to send us for an information request or to report a problem.

First, add a clear description of the current situation. Then, describe your wish in relation to this situation. In order to understand each other, do not hesitate to accompany your messages with screenshots that illustrate the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation, it helps us to improve our customer service!

Watch several videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Documentary Blog to continue using the Collabox!