At the end of your year, you will have to produce your trial balance report for your accountant. This report groups all the general ledger entries.

Trial Balance Report

In the main menu at the top, first click on “Report”.

Image showing the top main menu of the Collabox. The "Reports" tab is pointed to with the cursor.

Then, in the left-hand menu, scroll down the page until you find the “Trial Balance” function.

Image showing the "accounting" report section in the left menu. The cursor points to the "Trial Balance" link

Among the options available to you, indicate the correct time interval, then click on “Display”. If necessary, check the boxes to customize the display of the balances.

Image showing an example of the Checkweigher page header. It shows the time interval fields to be filled in, as well as two checkboxes for the custom display of balances.

The trial balance report is now created. To ensure that your organization has its accounting entries in order, the balance in the “Debit” column should be the same as that in the “Credit” column. If this is not the case, as in the following example, you will need to verify that all your invoices and disbursements are balanced. The blog post“Verification” explains how to proceed.

Example of a trial balance report that does not balance.
Example of a trial balance report that does not balance.

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