Automation of budget items

Automating the selection of budget items for your products saves you time and avoids careless mistakes when invoicing. See how to set it up.

Create products

The first step is to create a product. To do this, follow the guidelines presented in the article “Present your products” .

Automation of product budget items

Assigning a budget line item to your product is the first step.

First, go to the desired product sheet. To do so, go to the list of products in the left menu.

Image showing the left menu and the link to the product list.

Then select the desired product.

Here is an image that shows an example of a product list in Collabox. It shows the name of the product, its quantity in inventory and its unit selling price.

When opening the product sheet, stay on the main “Products” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Example of the product page with the product title.

At the bottom of the product configuration page, your budget items are displayed. Choose the one that suits you for the chosen product. Add the hours or the amount expected for this product in the associated box. That’s it!

Example of the product sheet at the bottom of the page where you can choose the right budget item. Here, the tablet is assigned to the single billing item.

Invoice a product

When you invoice a product, the budget item is automatically displayed. No need to think about it anymore!

Example of an invoice for a tablet. The amount of the product is automatically added to the budget item selected in the product master record. Thus, we can see that the automation of product budget items works.

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