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By 17 June, 2021 May 9th, 2023 Calendar, Tasks

The tasks you create in Collabox are all listed in a detailed list called the Task List . Here you can see the task, its unique number, priority, assigned employees, expected time, completion percentage, project name and due date.

Add a task

You must first go to the page by clicking on the link in the left menu of Collabox.

Then add a task by giving it a name, a project and a due date. We suggest that you give it a priority, otherwise the task will end up at the end of your list. The greater the number, the higher the priority of the task.

Several additional features are available, including assignment to one or more employees and percentage of completion of the task. You can also add documents and notes.

When you save, the task appears at the selected priority level. Outdated due dates are shown in red, while tasks with upcoming due dates are shown in blue.

If a colleague adds a note to a task that is also assigned to you, you have the option to be notified and not miss anything about the exchanges. The checkbox is located in the Advanced Preferences tab of your Preference menu.


Duplicate and repeat a task

Collabox gives you the possibility to duplicate a task or to repeat it at a chosen interval. Select the button at the bottom of the task creation page.

When a task is set to repeat in the future, an icon in the Task List indicates this.

The repetition of a task can be modified for a particular task, or for all future tasks by clicking on “Save” or “Save + future instances”. To change the repetition mode, select the “Modify task repetition” button.

Multiple modifications

If you want to change the due date of more than one task at a time, check the box to the left of each task in the list and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. By default, today’s date will be selected. However, you can modify it and change the time entered. Don’t forget to click on Okay , to save your changes.

Add a task to the agenda

By default, all tasks are displayed in the Collabox calendar if you select the “Tasks” option.

When you return to your calendar, you will indeed see the tasks that you have added to it.

However, you can uncheck the “Show in calendar?” box for each task individually so that it does not appear in the calendar. Adding all the tasks to the calendar can be visually cluttered, so this option is well appreciated.

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