To do-list

By 17 June, 2021 Calendar, Tasks

The tasks that you create in Collabox are all listed in a detailed list called the to do-list. You can see the task, its priority, the employees affected, the planned time, the percentage of completion, the name of the project and the due date.

We added a drop-down menu at the bottom of the page To do-list which allows you to change the due date of a task or add a task to the calendar. Here is how it works.

You must, of course, go to the page To do-list by clicking on the link in the left menu of Collabox.

Left menu, tab Tasks

If you want to change the due date for some tasks, check them with the box to their left in the list and then select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. By default, today’s date will be selected. However, you can modify it and change the time entered. Don’t forget to click on Okay , to save your changes.

Option Change the due date from the drop-down menu
Page To do-list

If you want to add tasks to the calendar, check the boxes associated with them and select the option Add tasks to the calendar from the drop-down menu. You must indicate how many hours before the end date the task will appear in the calendar. Click on Okay to save the changes.

Option Add tasks to the calendar from the drop-down menu
Page To do-list

When you return to your calendar, you will indeed see the tasks that you have added to it.

Example of new tasks added to the calendar