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The personalized agenda for garage owners

By 17 June, 2021 Agenda, Calendar

Do you have a garage or a mechanical workshop? We have created a perfect tool for you! Collabox has designed, in collaboration with Boost Groupe Conseil ( , an agenda specially adapted to your sector of activity called the “Boost agenda”. This calendar allows you to enter appointments and see all the appointments that you and your colleagues have set. The agenda is displayed by day, week or month. Take a look at how our customers use this tool:

Example of a garage mechanic’s weekly agenda

You may notice in the calendar examples that the teams use color codes to better categorize their meetings and know where they are in their work. You will also observe that appointments can be spread over more than a day if necessary. In the following example, the diary display is up to date. You can see the appointments of each employee, their lunch time and the important changes to the schedule which are entered in red boxes (vacation, absences, etc.).
Little novelty that our customers love: appointments can now be moved with the “drag and drop” function. It’s very convenient when you’re in a hurry!

Example of a weekly agenda

The Boost diary is very easy to use. Each appointment box is clickable and it allows you to access detailed information to modify or consult them, quite simply.

Example 1
Appointment creation and update page

As you can see, the form to create or update an appointment already has fields defined to enter the detailed information of the appointment. However, we can customize it according to your needs. Do you use several garage doors and want to register them? Mileage? The sale status? No problem, we’ll take care of it! Here is an example of a form that we modified for another customer:

Example 2
Appointment creation and update page

The possibilities are limitless! You can count on the Collabox team to offer you fast and personalized service.

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