Subcontractor certification

Keep the certificate of a subcontractor in Collabox!

In Quebec, general construction contractors need to obtain from their subcontractor an attestation from Revenu Québec stating that the subcontractor is in good standing. When the contract reaches a certain amount, this certificate becomes mandatory. With Collabox, keep track of the reference number of this certificate and monitor its expiration date. This will ensure that you receive a new certificate in a timely manner, if needed.

How to keep a subcontractor’s certificate

You must first enter the certificate number and the due date in the supplier form (the supplier being your subcontractor). If the provider has already been created, you can simply update it by adding this information. Otherwise, complete a new form.

Create a supplier

Click on the icon Configuration.

Collabox horizontal menu.

Go to the Suppliers section.

Collabox vertical menu, section Configuration

Click on Add a supplier.

Page List of suppliers

Fill in the form and click on Save.

Page Adding a supplier

Update a supplier

Click on the icon Configuration .

Collabox horizontal menu

Go to the Suppliers section.

Collabox vertical menu, section Configuration

Click on the name of the provider you want to update. Add the missing information and save the changes.

Page Update a supplier

The certificate expiration date will then appear in the list of suppliers.

Page List of suppliers

Then, when you will make a purchase order, you only have to indicate the supplier in the form, and the number and the date of certification will be automatically attached to it. The expiration date will therefore also be found in a column of the list of purchase orders.

Page List of purchase orders

Finally, the yellow dots to the right of the expiration dates tell you that the supplier exceeds $ 25,000 and that a certificate is required.