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By 17 June, 2021 November 15th, 2022 Your CRM

Effectively manage your customer relationships and sales

Our CRM tools for sales management. Email solicitation and our sales goal boards allow you to quickly obtain information to manage your activities and your customer follow-ups.
Here is a rundown of everything you can do.

1. The follow-up dates

Don’t miss opportunities to communicate at the right time with all your prospects to follow up on sales management. Easy, user-friendly, accessible at all times.

2. The solicitation history

Consult the entire history of your solicitation actions, client by client. Your memory will thank you!

3. The projection table

Get an overview with graphs on the closing rate , in number of proposals , in money in addition to obtaining statistics by customer type . This valuable data will optimize your sales actions. In addition, the list of proposals makes it possible to check and validate these results.

4. The opportunities table

Use a table in which you can “click and drag” and bring your business opportunities related to amounts to life in real time. Dynamic and motivating!

5. The solicitation report

Track your salespeople’s actions weekly, by type of activity or by prospect. A tool that allows you to support your team and direct efforts.

6. Dashboards by product, by customer

Get results tracking tables by product or customer. Having all the information in hand allows you to make the right decisions.

Bonus alerts and notifications: a system that watches over you

The Collabox offers a series of alerts and warnings to warn you that a task has been completed, that an appointment is scheduled, that a follow-up must be carried out.

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