PRESTODO – A tool to remember nothing

In order not to forget anything in your day, you work with lists and it is a good habit. However, it’s impractical when you lose the post-it or the sheet you wrote it on.

It’s there that comes to the rescue! Independent web page, it allows you to compile your “to-do list” directly on the web (and on mobile!). Accessible at all times, it is above all integrated directly into your Collabox, giving it extraordinary efficiency. The lost pieces of paper are a story of the past.

To have access to PRESTODO, just use your Collabox access. Identify yourself as you would on and go! You do not have any? No problem, you can have a 30 day free trial.

Once identified, you can start your list by writing an item in the “Add a task” box. It’s a bit like making a grocery list, but with work-related tasks.

Did you complete a task? Just check it. It is not more complicated! It will then appear in the completed tasks area.

Some customization options are also available to you. By clicking on a task, you can modify it, indicate a due date (very practical to prioritize ) , write notes, classify it in categories (you have to navigate it anyway) and assign colleagues to it (unless it is your grocery list)

These customization options are possible thanks to the link with your Collabox. Click on the tab below to understand how the two work together.

PRESTODO and Collabox, a fabulous team

The reason why PRESTODO works so well is because it is integrated with Collabox. Thus, by using it, Collabox automatically creates a project for your organization named “PRESTODO”.

This is where all the created tasks are found IF they are not associated with a category. By creating a category, it will become an independent project associated with your organization with a PRESTODO mention in brackets, as can be seen in the example below.

Can’t see your PRESTODO job listed? Change the due date from the drop-down menu. Automatically, the application selects the next day 9 a.m. as the deadline.

PRESTODO est en constante évolution et nous apprécions vos commentaires/suggestions (