List of follow-up dates on mobile device

Do you use our CRM?

If the answer is no, we invite you to take an overview of the module Contacts to see all the advantages of our CRM.

If so, you probably know that it is possible for you to define one or more follow-up dates for each of your assigned contact persons. They are also of great help to you, we know something about it!

The list of follow-up dates and its display is totally adapted to your mobile devices. So you can easily consult it wherever you are. To find it on your smartphone or tablet, open the main menu of Collabox and select Contacts.

You will come across a page allowing you to perform a quick search or a specific search in your contacts. At the bottom of the page, click on the link List of follow-ups to search for traces based on a predefined period of time.

Select the time period that interests you. A new page will open and display the clients, as well as the follow-up dates that correspond to this period.

If you want to do a new search, click on the drop-down menu, p uis, select a new period.