We present in this article three ways to change your Collabox password.

  1. My preferences
  2. Configuration by an administrator
  3. Link on the home page

1. My preferences

This procedure allows you to change your password.

Once connected to your Collabox, click on the tab My preferences , located in the left menu.

Tab My preferences under the module Preferences

Then go to the tab Change your password .

Page My preferences, tab Info

Enter your new password and click on Record .

Tab Change your password

2. Configuration by an administrator

It is the administrator who can follow this procedure in order to change the password of a person on the team.

Click on the icon Configuration .

Icon C onfiguration , top menu

In the left menu, click on the tab Employees .

Left menu

You will fall on the page List of employees . Click on the employee whose password you want to change.

Page List of employees

You will have access to the file of the employee in question. Fill in the fields New Password and Confirmation (in this second field, you must rewrite the new password). Then, click on the button Record at the bottom of the page.

Page Update an employee

3. Link on the home page

On the page www.collabox.com , click on the link Forgot your password , which you see in the following red box:

Collabox home page

You will be taken to the password recovery page. You can enter either your username or your email. This will allow us to email you to change your password. Then click on To send .

Password recovery page

Open message from service@collabox.com in your inbox (make sure we are not in your spam emails) and click on the link. You will be redirected to a new page with a form to change your password. Enter your new password and click on To send .

Page with the form to change password

The following message will appear if your password is correctly changed: Modified password confirmation message