Express Service Offer

By 17 June, 2021 November 21st, 2022 Management, Service offerings

We know that filling out a service offer can be quite time consuming. To enhance your experience, we have created the Express Service Offer. It selects by default several information to make it faster to fill.

Define the parameters

With this function, you no longer need to create a client, then a project. You will enter some default settings just once and they will be reused for each new express offer. To determine these parameters, go to the page Organization , located under the menu Preferences .

Menu bottom left

Click on the tab Projects.

Page Organization update

Fill in at least the elements in the red boxes: The name of the default project, the employees affected, the probability of closing and the name of the first phase. Then click on Record at the bottom of the page.

Page update of the organization, tab Projects

Create an express service offering

Once your settings have been determined, click on the icon Management .

Icon Management, in the menu at the top of the page

Then click on Add an Express service offer.

Page List of service offers menu Add an Express service offer

Fill in the field at least Last name and click on Record . It is the name of the customer that will appear on your service offer. You can also fill in the other fields depending on what you want to see on the offer.

Page adding a customer

The fields chosen by default will already be filled in on the page Addition of a service offering. You can still make changes if necessary or fill in the other fields. However, this is optional. Click on Record, then following if you have changed or added information; just click on following if you don’t change anything.

Page Addition of a service offering

You will fall on the page Phases of the service offering . Phase 1 will already be registered. You can add other phases (optional), then click on Record and then on following . If you don’t change anything, click following directly.

Page Phases of the service offering

Then, go on the Fees tab. Click on the phase (s) to add fees to the offer.

Tab Fees from the page Fees for the service offer

To print the service offer, click on the tab Impression , choose the printing options and click To print . To send the offer by email, go to the tab Send by email , fill in the fields and click on To send .

Page Fees for the service offer

The final product:

Example of express service offer (to print)

Four steps and you’re done.

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