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Email and SMS notifications

By 17 June, 2021 Contacts, Follow-ups

Email and SMS notifications

Appointments, projects, tasks, follow-up of files, dinners, team meetings, dentist, soccer games … When you have to juggle all this, you have to be a real pro of the agenda … And even!
Did you know that you can receive notifications from Collabox for several features so that you don’t forget anything? This article is for you!

How do we activate these alerts? Follow the guide, it will only take you 1 minute.

In the vertical menu on the left of your screen, click My preferences under the section Preferences .

Collabox vertical menu

Go to the tab Advanced Preferences of the page My preferences .

Page My preferences

Locate the section Notifications. You will see all the features for which it is possible to send a notification by email or SMS. They are as follows:
– Assignment to a project
– Decommissioning to a project
– Production of a project
– Assignment to a task
– Assignment to an appointment
– Appointment reminder
– Reminder of contact follow-up dates
– Task completed

All you need to do is check the box corresponding to the type of alert you are interested in, save the changes and you will start receiving them automatically.
* Please note that charges may apply when you receive SMS notifications. Chat with us to find out about package options.

Advanced preferences tab, page My preferences

Particularity of follow-up dates

Before, you only had the possibility of determining a date to follow up on a client file. With our new update, you will also be able to choose a reminder time (which will appear as a notification) in a contact card in the same place as the follow-up date.

For the reminder to work, make sure you have checked the box. Allow to create contact follow-up date reminders , in your preferences. Also, if the follow-up time is midnight (00:00), the reminder will not work. You absolutely have to choose another time.

There you have it, one less puzzle!

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