Filling out the form for a new supplier or a purchase order, for example, can be a bit cumbersome, especially when the forms have fields that are not used by your organization. . With Collabox, you can customize your forms so that you only see the sections that are useful to you. Your employees will no longer wonder about the information needed to enter, and your pages will be faster to consult by removing the superfluous. How does it materialize in Collabox?

In the left menu of Collabox, go to the tab Preferences . Select Organization.
Note: Usually, only administrators have access to this configuration.

Left menu, tab Preferences

Go to the tab Custom Forms .

Page update of the organization, tab Info

Choose a form to customize with the drop-down menu that will appear on the tab page Custom Forms . You can modify the following four: agenda, purchase order, suppliers, projects.

Take the example of the supplier form.
The boxes to the right of the form are used to determine which sections will be visible on your personalized form. Check the box so that the corresponding section appears in your form, uncheck it so that it disappears. In the sections framed in red, the very first box allows you to remove the entire section.
Note: The form will be personalized for the whole team, not just for you.

Supplier Form
Page Organization update , tab Custom Forms

You have probably noticed that there is a pictogram representing people to the left of the box. When you click on it, the names of your employees appear with checkboxes for each of them. This section allows you to choose the employees for whom you want to customize the form by checking or unchecking their names. By default, all boxes are checked.

Checkboxes for each employee
Personalized supplier form

When your personalization is complete, don’t forget to click on the button Save , at the end of the page. Your form will now be adapted to your needs!

Example of custom form
Page Adding a supplier

You can proceed in the same way to customize the other forms. It’s very simple! If you want to add fields inside the forms, see the text on custom fields .