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By 17 June, 2021 Contacts, Your CRM

Collabox CRM is a tool for customer relationship management (in English Customer Relationship Management – CRM). Its objective is to retain customers by offering them the best service. Here is what this function looks like in Collabox.

A dynamic database

You want to have a tool that helps you in an easy and fast way to reference information about your customers within the company, CRM is the best.

Today, all information about customers must be shared within a team. If the reference to your customer information is on your accounting software (many of our customers were), it might be better for you and your team to use a CRM.

A reminder system

A CRM is made to remember things and tasks for us. It can mean doing or postponing a follow-up with a client and remembering that you have been in contact with someone before, even if you don’t remember it at the time.

You shouldn’t be “behind” in following up with your contacts. If you are late, you have to take care of it, or push back in time. It shouldn’t be negotiable, and a CRM is a good way to manage those dunning dates.

See how the follow-up of the relaunch looks on the Collabox

In the Collabox, contacts whose follow-ups are overdue appear in red. Those for the same day are in green and those planned for the future are in blue.

A qualification system

Collecting a massive callback list is easy. So easy that you can quickly get overwhelmed with the number of follow-ups to do. The solution would then be qualification. You “qualify” your contacts so that you can sort them according to their importance to you. So you will do the “A” clients first (or “Platinum”, or “premium”, or “+”, you decide) and roll over the others’ follow-up date for when you have time.

Procedures for dealing with our most valuable contacts

First of all, you need to decide on your criteria for qualification. You have complete freedom; you decide what your most qualified and least qualified contacts will be called.

Then, when you access the list of contacts, you can decide to display only those who are of a certain qualification level (or combine this criterion with another, for example to which salesperson it has been assigned).

The inventory of our offers to present

When you are in a relationship with a customer, you often have all kinds of products and services to offer them. In a business development context, for prospects or for existing customers, a well-designed CRM will highlight the products and services you can offer your customers.

Configuration of 'intervention types'

In the contact card, Collabox users can configure types of interventions. These allow you to keep notes on the products that have been presented to prospects to easily produce reports of their activities.

Here is an example of a report produced when you click on “Sales activities”, in the left bar under the “Contacts” tab, in Collabox.

The memory of your relationship with your customers

A CRM is the tool that remembers everything: discussions, agreements, multiple contacts, etc. It is perfect when you need to know what you, or one of your associates has agreed with a client. CRM therefore becomes your memory aid for your customers. Over the years, you will accumulate a real story about your relationship with your customers.

A tool to measure our solicitation work

English speakers speak of the “funnel”. This is the sales funnel. From a large customer base, what revenue can you expect to get from them? In Collabox, you can specify for each quote, the percentage of chance of concluding that you estimate to have for each contract.

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