Create repeated appointments

By 17 June, 2021 November 21st, 2022 Appointment, Calendar

Create repeated appointments in your Collabox calendar so you don’t miss anything. You can add them as a group to the calendar every week, month or even every day if needed.

Here’s how :

1. In the left menu, under the tab Agenda , click on Add an appointment .

Left menu

2. The page Adding an appointment will be displayed. Fill in the fields to create the first appointment, which will become the template for your repeated appointments. Then click on Save .
Note: The date you indicate will be the date of the first meeting in the series.

Page Adding an appointment

3. Find the first appointment you created in the calendar and click on it. You can select any person’s date, it doesn’t matter.

Go to the agenda
Calendar version: names horizontally

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a button Repeat the appointment . Click on it.

Menu at the bottom of the page

5. The page header summarizes the appointment information. Just below, you can choose the frequency of the repeated appointment (days, weeks, two weeks, months, years) and the date of the end of the recurrence (last appointment of the series). Once the information has been entered, click on Copy appointment .

Page Repeat an appointment

Your repeated appointments are now created and all on the agenda!

To know how to delete repeated appointments, read this

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