Certificate of conformity and receipt

By 17 June, 2021 November 15th, 2022 Digital transformation, Management, Purchase Orders

In order to closely monitor the compliance of your subcontractors, there is already a field in Collabox reserved for certificate from Revenu Québec in the supplier form. We wanted to allow you to ensure even closer monitoring of the people with whom you deal by adding two new sections, this time in the order forms since they are closely linked to them: the receipt and the certificate of compliance (CCQ -CNESST).

Let’s take a closer look.

Certificate of conformity and receipt

First, go to the Management module.

Collabox horizontal menu

Then open the Purchase Order page located in the left menu.

Collabox vertical menu

Click on the order form to which you wish to add a certificate or receipt. Under the Info tab, you will find the sections that interest you.

Page Updating a purchase order

As you can see, in sections 1 and 2 there is space to write down the date the documents were requested and the date they were received. As for the boxes to be checked, they indicate whether the discharge is denounced and whether the certificate or discharge is required. Section 3 makes it possible to note that the subcontractor’s file is in order with the authorities concerned.

New pictograms

By first checking the options corresponding to the required documents (sections 1 and 2), small pictograms appear on the purchase order list page. Just like the certificate from Revenu Québec, each document has its pictogram visible in the list of purchase orders (module Management ). Its presence also indicates that the document is needed. The yellow sticker corresponds to the Revenu Québec attestation; the blue one, to the attestation of conformity (CCQ-CNESST); and finally the green one, to the receipt.

Page List of purchase orders

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