Beware of specialized software!

By 17 June, 2021 Tips and tricks

Have you ever thought about buying specialized software? The president of Collabox, yes! And let me tell you, he won’t be doing it again anytime soon, given the disappointment his purchase caused him … This is why he wanted you to avoid making the same mistake as him by sharing his experience with you.

A few years ago, Francis Masse arrived at his parents’ home with a surprise that he thought would certainly please them. He brought them specialized gardening software, valued at $ 100, to help them with one of their favorite seasonal activities. However, this software which promised seas and worlds to gardeners had in fact only one function: that of creating a virtual garden with the desired dimensions. There was no way to predict how much production his parents would have that year, nor to calculate what it would cost them, or how much time they should plan from day 1 until the harvest. It was too much to ask for! This software that could have been described as “amateur” looked like this:

Software Image Sprout

It goes without saying that our president was not at all happy with his purchase! And he has to admit that even today, several companies offer specialized software with very limited functionality. Too limited. You must beware of it!

Do you need a timesheet for your business and the company Patron Pressé has created software specializing in timesheets? Maybe their timesheet is working fine. Maybe she’s visually pleasing. Maybe also it fills up quickly. But the day you need to keep track of hours for a project, will it? When your business has grown and you need to monitor task progress more closely, will it allow you to do so? To these questions, I regret to inform you that no.

Specialized software may seem like the right fit for your needs in the present moment, but there is a good chance that sooner or later its functionality will no longer meet the growing demands of your business.

This is why Francis Masse considers that there is nothing better than a complete software presenting several complementary modules, like Collabox. All functionalities are linked to the same system, which allows for single data entry and synchronization of your work. You certainly won’t be using all of Collabox’s features, but they will be there when you want them.