By 17 June, 2021 November 15th, 2022 Research and development

No, you’ve never heard of the Alertbox before today! This is a product that the team created a few years ago.

We had a little fun with “mini computers” that we call “micro-controllers”, some wires and a flashing light…

Eager to know what we could have created as a system? Here it is!

Why an Alertbox

Your Alertbox can communicate with your Collabox. Depending on your preferences, it will be linked to different types of intervention in the software, for example to sales, and when one of your salespeople makes a new sale, the light on the top of the box will come on for a few seconds for you. ‘announce. Motivating, isn’t it?

The possibilities of the Alertbox are endless! All the notifications that already exist in Collabox can be announced by your new “alert box”, but we don’t limit ourselves to that!

Do you have an idea to motivate your troops? Let us know! Do not hesitate to come and discuss with us your ideas for using the Alertbox, we will be happy to adapt this tool to your needs.

Watch several videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Blog to continue your Collabox configuration!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you. (418) 907-9274