Work on projects in submission

By 4 June, 2021 November 22nd, 2022 Projects, Service offerings, Timesheet

It is common to work on projects that are not yet signed or in production, whether it is for the creation of a service offering or a meeting with a client. Collabox understands this need and that’s why it is possible for you to work on projects with an “in submission” status.

Project status

Divide your projects by “states” to maximize your organization and search for projects in your Collabox.

First, create a project via the service offering or directly in the list of projects “Add a project”. If the project is linked to a service offering (OdS), its status will be assigned directly to the project. The following are examples of states:

Then select the reports that are most relevant to you.

Status configuration

To set up your reports,first visit the “Organization” section in the “Preferences” menu at the bottom left of the screen.

Then click on the “Projects” tab to display the list of project types.

Select them according to your preferences. Don’t forget to save!

Time sheet – projects in submission

By default, the Collabox only allows you to fill in timesheets on projects in production. The configuration of reports by project for your employees is therefore essential. It allows your team to capture time on bidding projects, for example, or any other type of project.