The 6 tools to manage your projects

By 4 June, 2021 November 15th, 2022 Configuration, Projects

Here are the 6 different tools that allow you to obtain more precise indicators to manage projects according to your needs.

1- Management report by project

This is the all-in-one report to manage your projects. It is a good summary of everything you want to know:

  • invoices
  • disbursed
  • wages
  • hours
  • resources
  • Purchase Orders
  • remaining budget
  • etc.

2- The assignment load report

The assignment load has a component directly related to the project. It also has an employee component. This way you can see who is working the most on a project, and who has the largest workload in terms of quantity of projects. If necessary, you can rearrange the assignments to optimize performance.

2A – By project

2B – Per affected employee

3- The production schedule

The production calendar is your ideal tool that gathers both deadlines and the number of hours remaining on your projects. Overtime is visible at a glance.

4- List of projects

The project list allows you to view all the work in progress. In addition, you can view projects by their status, e.g. only projects “in submission” or “in production”.

5- The progress report

The Collabox progress report keeps track of your budget and avoids unpleasant surprises!

6- The project monitoring report

This report is advanced and detailed (financial info, time, %, etc). This one is the best! But, to use it, it is absolutely necessary to produce the service offers and invoices through the Collabox.