The 10 advantages of working with the Collabox

Here are the 10 Collabox advantages for your company.

1- Collabox offers a complete solution

The main advantage of Collabox is that these modules and functions cover all the needs of a company. Moreover, you only pay a subscription fee for the modules you use: we are THE ERP à la carte!

2- A customizable solution according to your needs

Each company has its own needs. Thus, Collabox offers several hundred configurations and access rights that allow you to adjust the tool according to your needs and the responsibilities of the employees using the system.

In addition, our development team can modify or expand all the features of the software. We have complete control over the source code, which belongs to us.

Anecdote: 50% of our customers use the “ Out of The Box ” system. The other half asked us for customizations.

3- A Quebec solution without intermediate

Collabox is a solution developed and marketed in Quebec City. We are the developers of the product, we sell it and support it. So, no need to pay for the San Francisco product manager, the regional distributor or the Belgian designer. We built our system with our own capital. Thus, without venture capitalists, the need for return on investment is reflected in the prices charged to customers.

In addition, it is not necessary to transacting with an implantation firm, it is our team that delivers the product, directly for what it is.

Finally, we collect subscription revenues, implementation fees and training fees (which are only required in 50% of the cases). This way we eliminate several middlemen, we can offer locations at a fraction of what the big systems charge.

4- A product with history and support

We have been in operation since August 1998 (yes, yes, that’s not a typo!). Our customers are loyal and they constantly testify it to us, as the page of the testimonies of our customers shows it to you. In short, doing business with us means counting on an expert supplier whose team has more than 20 years of experience with this software and even more experience in business.

5- Updates and constant improvements

Our team of programmers and software developers is always available and in service mode. In addition, we update and add features weekly or even daily (5 to 15 updates per week).

Then, during normal business hours, your organization’s Super-User can speak directly to a Collabox expert. This Super-User support is free and unique in our industry. This is a Collabox advantage that cannot be ignored. Finally, we have an emergency support line where support and problem resolution requests can be addressed at any time.

6- A technical infrastructure of world class and best practices

First of all, we benefit from a very high quality cloud hosting. Then, we use a triple redundancy of our data centers (” Load balancing “, prevention of DDOS attacks, brute force, etc). In addition, we perform daily backups in our offices.

Then, during an IT Security Audit, Cogego’s security officer mentioned this:

“I’ve never seen such a small organization benefit from such a good IT infrastructure. In some ways, you’re better set up than Cogego’s headquarters.

7- A system that is not isolated

Collabox interacts with over 35 other systems. In addition, it uses APIs to link with your other software. We believe that our ability to synchronize with other systems you may be using is one of our strengths.

In fact, this ability to interact with other systems is also reflected in our ease of converting data from our customers’ legacy systems to Collabox. In fact, we have already converted dozens of such systems, ranging from excel files to very tight proprietary data, requiring truereverse engineering.

8- A multi-platform system

Collabox is a cross-platform tool, for example Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, 27-inch screen, 8-inch tablet or 2-inch phone. Collabox is accessible with any device, from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, the Collabox pages are optimized and consume very little bandwidth. Perfect for the sales rep on the road who uses the shared connection of their cell phone or the hotel’s minimal Wi-Fi network.

9 – We are trainers and we help you get grants

Collabox employees have an impressive track record as trainers. Minister of Education awards, associate certification, university course load, undergraduate and graduate course design, hundreds of lectures and thousands of hours of training.

Several times we have supported our clients by developing training plans that have enabled them to obtain subsidies (in particular Emploi Québec, but also Mapaq, Investissement-Québec, BDC, or municipal authorities.

Although we do not take charge of the subsidy procedures (several points of the requests are closely linked to the reality of your company), we are nevertheless a true partner in the elaboration of a training plan that has all the chances of being accepted by the subsidizing organizations.

10- We would love to work with you !

Our business development mentor said:

“A prospect is someone who needs our services, who will benefit financially and whom we meet under favorable conditions.”