Resource management

Got a conference room, but never know when it’s in use? Collabox allows you to manage your various resources, whatever they are. So you can track the usage of conference rooms, projectors, cameras, etc. All presented in a convenient calendar.

Here’s how:

1- Open your calendar.

2- Click on the drop-down menu “Consult the calendar for:” and select the resource you want to know about availability. If you want to know the schedule of all resources instead, click on “All resources”. Don’t forget to click on “ok” to display the agenda.

What if the option is not there?

3- You may not be able to see the reservation schedule. To activate it, access the configuration menu by clicking on “Configuration” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

4- Then click on “Employees” in the left sidebar.

5- Select your name or that of the employee wishing to have access to the resource reservation schedule. Then click on the “Menus” tab.

6- Finally, check the option “Reservation of resources” in the agenda section.

Has the name of a room changed or do you want to add a resource? Follow the steps below to get there.

How to add / modify resources?

1- Access the configuration module by clicking on “Configuration” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

2- Then click on “Resources” in the left sidebar.

3- If you want to add a resource, click on “Add a resource”. Fill in the information and save the form.

4- If you want to modify one instead, click on its name. You can then modify the elements of the resource file.

From this screen, it is also possible to reserve a resource (by clicking “Reserve”) or to display its schedule of use (click on “Display schedule”).

You can even take advantage of this management tool to maximize your company’s resources! Why not rent out your conference room, which spends most of its time empty? Your team has shrunk and you have vacant premises? Many young entrepreneurs are looking for workspaces to rent by the hour or by the day. Enjoy it!