Suspended credit in a customer record

By 4 June, 2021 November 15th, 2022 Accounting, Digital transformation, New arrivals

Occasionally, you may need to note a suspended credit on the billing for a customer. To do this, Collabox has developed a simple checkbox. This step is reversible at any time.

Customer file

To suspend a credit, you must go through the customer’s file. First go to the main menu “Configuration”.

Then select the “Clients” option in the left-hand menu. The list of your customers is displayed in alphabetical order.

Choose the customer to whom you wish to note a suspended credit. Then, under the “Info” tab, scroll down to the desired option. Check the box associated with the credit suspension.

Effects of suspended credit

By checking the box, two changes to the client occur. The first is a change of color in the client list; it is now red.

Secondly, a message will appear at the top of the signature page for invoices that are in his name. Thus, the status of the customer is easily identifiable.

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