Monitoring of current sequences

By 4 June, 2021 February 6th, 2023 Calendar, Tasks

The sequential tasks offer a team a valuable tool. However, it is not always easy to be on top of everything that is going on, especially when our business is working on multiple fronts simultaneously. This is where the “Sequences in progress” function comes to the rescue! This function allows you to see the progress of the different sequences of tasks in progress. Thus, you can know, in a few clicks, the number of completed tasks, if the project is late, as well as the percentage of completion of the project. Valuable information!

Use of the current sequence tracking

First click on “Running Sequences” under the “Tasks” tab in the sidebar.

So you can see, at a glance, all the active task sequences of your company. The summary table also provides information on the task templates used, the number of tasks completed, the level of progress of the project and whether it is up to date or overdue. By clicking on a specific project, you access the details of that project.

You can now see the status of the project you clicked on. It displays the due date of the various stages, but also which segments have been completed, to whom the task is assigned and its progress level.

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