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Here are some publications published in various media on subjects related to our sector of activity. In addition, see examples of our team members’ lectures.

First, read an interview conducted by Martin Michaud, editor-in-chief of Action PME and publisher of ENJEUX PME Magazine. The interview was conducted with Ms. Louise Lahaie, vice-president of Collabox. It is a business management software for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

The interview focuses on project management and the ERP module.

Francis Masse then presented the opening lecture of the Virtual Symposium at the Regroupement pour la santé et le bien-être des hommes.
The subject : Are millennials at the base of a quiet revolution?

Collaboration with the Magazine Enjeux PME

Find here an interview with Francis Masse, president and founder of Collabox for Enjeu PME Magazine.

Then, here isa case study on the implementation of an ERP system for a food production company.

Our articles in the media – Collaboration with the Magazine Quoi Faire in Quebec City

Collabox also has a few articles published in the Magazine Quoi Faire à Québec! Here are some examples.

Optimize your organization with Collabox

Project or production management

In short, Collabox is an ERP system to take your business further. It helps you structure your human resources information and has effective tools for billing your clients.

The Efficient Series

Finally, see some examples from the Effective series. How Collabox allows you to optimize your business efficiency!

Human Resources and Collabox

Collaboration with Les Pauses-café du Journal Action PME

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Our articles on LinkedIn

Collabox is also online on LinkedIn.

A Monday morning reflection! Digital transformation; technological innovation; artificial intelligence; automated processes, popular buzzwords or not? Article by Louise Lahaie

Digital transformation: one Buzzword or a reality?

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