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Manage recurring invoices with Collabox and Paypal

By 4 June, 2021 Accounting, Billing, Paypal

If you have to manage regular invoices (eg subscription to a database or to a product) of the same amount, Collabox can make your job easier. Thanks to the online payment service PayPal, Collabox is able to automatically manage recurring invoices. Thus, your customer will receive their invoice and the amount will be debited by PayPal. Everything will be automatically counted in Collabox.

Before starting, you must first configure a PayPal account in Collabox.

To do this, simply consult the procedure to follow . The next steps will allow you to configure the correct settings of your Collabox to use the automatic payment of recurring invoices.

Inside the Collabox software, you must first select or create an invoice. To select the invoice, click on its number.

Once the invoice has been selected, the next step is to create an invoice renewal. This function indicates to Collabox that the payment of this invoice will be renewed, that is to say that it returns periodically.

Comment créer un renouvellement de facture?

Once the invoice to renew is selected, you must click on “Create an invoice renewal”.

The next page allows you to set the renewal parameters. Thus, it is possible to select the invoicing frequency. In this case, the frequency is set monthly. The first invoice will be dated November 16 and will cover the period from December 16, 2015 to January 15, 2016. The “Note” section allows you to write a personalized message that will appear on your customer’s invoice. To ensure that the renewal is automatic with PayPal, it is essential to CHECK the option “Automatic PayPal renewal”. Otherwise, you will have to manually renew the invoice in Collabox.

The renewal variables exist to allow you to automatically adapt the note at the bottom of the invoice according to the invoicing period.

Once the renewal is configured, all you have to do is send the invoice to the customer. For the PayPal payment option to be valid, the invoice must be sent by email.

The next step will allow you to customize your email for sending the invoice. This will be linked as an attachment and a clickable link will be available for connection to the PayPal account.Paypal subscription3

It is important that the customer clicks on the PayPal logo to initiate the final segment of the automated payment setup. This step is essential since without it, the whole process falls apart. This last step takes place completely with PayPal.Paypal7 subscription

Before your customer logs into their PayPal account, it is possible to see the amount of the current invoice (the current month) as well as the amount for the following months. The last step is to log into PayPal. Your customer logs in using the “Log In” option and all they have to do is enter their information to complete the automatic payment process. PayPal and Collabox will take care of the rest. The next invoices will be sent, the payment will be taken and released and the invoice will be renewed automatically.
Paypal4 subscription

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