Locking timesheets

By 4 June, 2021 November 22nd, 2022 Employees, Human resources functions, Projects, Timesheet

Project managers can closely monitor the hours worked by their employees thanks to the locking of timesheets. When they find that their employees have spent enough time on a project and want to invoice a client for it, for example, they just have to lock their timesheet so they don’t have to. plus the ability to make changes within the times entered. If they want to process payroll, they can lock entire days so they cannot be changed.

Types of locking

Here are the types of locks you can perform:


This option allows you to block the modification of time entries. If you lock a timesheet this way, the employee will no longer be able to modify what they have already entered in their timesheet for the specified period. However, he can add new hours for the coming days.

Full days

With this option, you can prevent data from being entered over a specific period of time. For example, if you lock the days from April 4 to 7 for one of your employees, he will no longer be able to enter anything in his timesheet for these days.

How to use the timesheet lock

To use this function, click on the “Timesheet icon.

Select “Lock” from the left vertical menu.

Check the name of the employee or employees whose timesheets you want to lock. Choose the period covered, then the type of lock. Click on Lock .

Note: To unlock a timesheet, it’s the same way: check the employee (s) concerned, select the dates that interest you, the type of lock and click on Unlock .

When a full day is locked, a message appears on the employee’s timesheet to notify them.

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