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Import your contacts from a CSV

Collabox allows you to import your data in CSV or Excel format so that they can be included with the rest of your information. So you have everything in one place.

The first step to do is to click on the “Configuration” icon located in the navigation bar at the top of the page.Configuration

Then click on “Import” in the left sidebar. CSV9

Once on the import page you can see all the ones you have made. To start a new import, click on “Add import”.


To import your contacts, the file must be in CSV form. You can see the steps to convert your Excel to CSV here. If you already have your file, select it with the tool. Choose the options “Text” and “Do not import the first row” (only if the first row contains the column titles) in the import format.

Then you can choose where in the Collabox you want to import your data. You can choose between “Customers”, “Suppliers” or “Contacts”. In our example, we chose to import our data into our contacts.


The next step is to associate the columns of your file with their correct designation in the Collabox.


The third step allows you to create custom fields if you have information in your file that has no equivalent in the Collabox. You can therefore create these fields especially for you. If you don’t need it, continue to the next step.CSV5

The fourth step is important since it allows you to assign the files that will be created to your employees / salespeople. If more than one employee takes care of them, select them.

This step allows you to check the status of your files. If an error has occured, it is always time to modify it by clicking on “Modify”. You can switch from one contact to another using the arrows. If everything is fine, click on “Import contact list” (if you are importing anything other than contacts, the button will change accordingly).CSV3 The last step is to confirm the import. It is important to verify that the number of contacts imported is equal to the number of entries in your CSV file. If not, check your file and / or the import process.

To delete an import

If you made a mistake in your import and want to cancel it, it is possible. When you are on the import page, you must check the import that you want to withdraw and click on “Cancel selected imports”. And There you go! The contacts are now deleted.


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