Importing vCard files

It is possible to import vCard files into Collabox. This is a file containing the personal information of a contact. This way, you can keep a list of your customers without having to retype all their information! Here is how to do it:

Visit the section first Configuration .

Go to the Clients function in the left menu.

At the top of the page is the link Import a customer .

Click on the vCard box, then start the import.
Note: If you don’t have this link, ask your account manager to add the import to your options.

Use the Browse button to specify the location of the vCard file import on your hard drive. Select the import format vCard , then where you want to import the contact ( Clients in this example) .
Click on Start import and your contact will be created.

Do the same for importing supplier files. Then find all your customers and suppliers in the appropriate list on Collabox.

All imports are reversible, so there is no need to worry about possible handling errors!

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