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Home system vs Collabox

I was asked a short time ago why use Collabox rather than building a home system or installing software by yourself. Here are a few reasons:

  • No need to install anything on a server or workstations;
  • We take care of the updates, so there is no maintenance on your end and the updates are always free;
  • We make adjustments and additions of functionality for our customers;
  • We listen to our customers and some features are added at the request of customers;
  • We provide technical support to our customers;
  • A 2-hour training course is included at the start of the subscription;
  • To our knowledge, there is no OpenSource software offering all the features of Collabox (Timesheet, Agenda, Tasks, Prospecting, Mass sending of emails, Billing, IP telephony, etc.);
  • Building software yourself can be very expensive and time consuming.
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