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The Followmail is the ideal communication tool with your contacts, customers and prospects! It is a system that works like a newsletter, but the distribution lists can be customized by your company.

The Followmail – News

For subscribers already registered to the Collabox Contacts module(CRM), the Followmail has been revamped!

  • A powerful and feature-rich editor
  • A mailing system that allows you to schedule your mailings at different dates and times
  • A system for making targeted and specific distribution lists
  • Fields that allow you to personalize your message
  • The ability to include links to other websites
  • Statistical reports on the sending and performance of your messages
  • Drag & Drop” method to edit your message
  • Responsive mode for mobile devices

Distribution list

The Followmail works in close collaboration with the Collabox CRM module. Each contact in your module has the option, or not, to be part of a distribution list. It is up to you to select the option as needed directly in the contact’s record. To do this, go to the Contact tab and directly to the individual’s file. At the bottom of the page, check the “subscribe to distribution lists” box

Then, go to the “Distribution List” tab in the left-hand menu.

Add a new list or select one already made. Give it a name.

Enter the names of all the contacts that will be in your list.

Your distribution list is done. You can create many for different customers, suppliers, prospects or for all your contacts.


Select the “Messages” tab in the left menu.

Then add a new message.

Give it a name, an object and edit it.

The editing of the message is done with a multitude of tools. Personalize your message easily!

Sending a message

Go back to the left menu and click on “Shipments”.

Add a shipment. Fill in the requested fields, add the message and check the desired boxes. For example, the box “Request confirmation of receipt of email” is shown.

Finally, check the distribution list that your message is intended for. Several lists can be checked simultaneously.

Followmail statistics

Collabox keeps track of your messages and offers the possibility to see the statistics related to the opening of your messages. To check your statistics, go back to a sent message and select the “Contacts” tab.

A list of all the contacts who have received the message is displayed, with a column entitled “Number of consultations” and another entitled “Date of first consultation”. So you see who opened and read your message!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them. (418) 907-9274