Difference between projects and services

By 4 June, 2021 Calendar, Projects

For new users, the notion of service is not always obvious. Not that the concept is revolutionary, but it is legitimate to ask what is the difference between a service and a project.

A service

A service is a Type of activity that you do in your business, your job or your company. Let’s name very generally: planning, management, analysis, documentary research, brainstorming, project load, etc.

The important distinction is that a service can be done on any project . You can also do documentary research on a BUSINESS CARD project as well as on the DEVELOPMENT OF A TELEVISION CAMPAIGN or on a NOTARIAL CONTRACT WRITING project.

A project

A project for its part is more specific and is attached to a client, it is the mandate on which you are working, for example:

  • Business card for Mr. Auclair
  • Design of a work plan for company XY
  • Layout of the 2019 annual report
  • Website creation