The sub-projects

By 4 June, 2021 November 22nd, 2022 Digital transformation, Projects

Some projects more complex than others are subdivided into sub-projects. It is possible to reproduce this tree structure in Collabox to better manage the production process. To do this, you must first create the “parent” or main project.

Create a parent project

Add a new project to the Collabox from the project list or via the Configuration menu, in the project section. The parent project corresponds to the main project and is the one that will be split later.

Image showing where to click to add a new project in the Collabox.

Add a sub-project

From the parent project, select the Tree tab. Click on Add a subproject .

Red arrows indicate where to select to add subprojects from the parent project's master record.

Fill in the relevant fields and save everything. Your sub-project will be created!

You can break down your “parent” project into as many sub-projects as you want.

Interesting to know: When you produce a report by project, if you select a “parent” project, you are also given the option of including the time of sub-projects. You will therefore have an overview of the family.

Invoice sub-projects

To invoice more than one project on the same invoice, they must be “sub-projects” in Collabox language. A small configuration is required when creating the invoice. Check the “Include sub-project timesheets” box and voila, you can bill multiple sub-projects at once.

The "Include sub-project timesheets" box in the invoice creation form is highlighted in a red square with a red arrow.

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