Candidate management

This module offers you several functions to manage applications in a recruitment context for your company.


The “CANDIDATE” file has several fields for entering information: the candidate’s general contact details, the types of interventions related to the recruitment process, the “appointment” tab which allows you to schedule an appointment directly in the sheet.

In the candidate’s file: you can add custom fields according to the information or documents you want found there.

Examples of custom fields below: a field to obtain the CV, a text field that describes the skills required, information related to the candidate’s experience, grades, job preferences, the region where the candidate lives . In short, depending on your situation and your needs, you have everything you need to hand.

Directly from the candidate’s file you can plan your appointments. They will then appear in the Collabox calendar. In addition, you can program alerts by email or sms to remind you of this appointment.

If you are recruiting for another company or branch, or department, you have a summary of that “client”.

The list of candidates displays several information: the name of the candidate, a type of assessment (which you yourself will have determined beforehand), the job title, the region.

You can also search for candidates by type of assessment, or by name.


The Collabox-RH also allows you to have a detailed employee file to manage your own human resources.


In the employee file , you can add additional custom fields as needed.

In the employee file, the RATE tab allows you to display hourly rates, bank of hours, leave, vacation, health leave rates.


In the employee file, Schedule tab : in this section, you write down the employee’s schedule, the length of the lunch break, the working days, and you can also enter the necessary information for employees who have bank of hours.