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By 4 June, 2021 November 14th, 2022 Contacts, Email history, Your CRM

The contact record of the CRM module has both the email address of the contact, but also all the emails exchanged with him, both those received and sent.

How to access exchanged emails

To access the messages exchanged with a contact, first go to his personal file via the “Contacts” module.

Location of the "Contacts" module

Now open the “Sending” tab to find all your exchanges.

Locate the "Sent" tab to find the received and sent messages.

You will have all the messages received and sent, separated into two blocks to better find them!

In addition, all hyperlinks in the messages, such as websites or email addresses, are directly clickable.

Example of a clickable hyperlink at the end of an email.

Search tool

You have a search tool that allows you to :

  • Filter emails for a given period
  • Show only received or sent emails
  • Search by subject
Options available for filtering emails

Send an email from a message already received or sent

At any time, you can open a received or sent email and resend it easily by clicking directly on the email link. It’s very fast, but to do so you need to have your SMTP configured in Collabox.

With the Collabox Contacts module, managing your customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues and prospects by email is fast and efficient!

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